Due to increased demand, we can only accept custom orders of 20+. Email us at team@footcanvas.com.


You have questions about Foot Canvas? Check out the answers below. 

Can I put any design on The Foot Canvas Insole?

YES! We can put any high-quality image on our Podiatrist approved insole devices! 

Do I take out my stock insole? 

Yes, Foot Canvas insoles work best if you remove the insole that is currently in your shoe. If your sneaker does not have a removable insole they can be inserted on top of that insole but may fit a little tight dependent on the shoe.

Do Foot Canvas Insoles cure foot pain?

Our insoles are a much higher quality than that of the stock insole that comes in your sneakers. The Foot Canvas Insole will provide more comfort but is not a medical corrective device. If you have serious foot problems, please see a specialized doctor.

Will the image(s) fade/crack?

We have made it our job to make sure the images last as long as possible. The image will never crack and will only fade after heavy daily use.