Due to increased demand, we can only accept custom orders of 20+. Email us at team@footcanvas.com.

The Team

Dr. Arthur Aronson has been an innovative insole creator for over 30 years. He has been in the game since the days of leather insoles and now brings his expertise to his best product yet.

Zack Aronson has been a sneaker-head since the womb. Living and breathing basketball growing up in Akron OH, Zack has always had the hottest footwear, partly due to his fathers profession and guidance. "I remember being a 13 year old and spending all my money I had saved up on a pair of shiny blue Hyperflights at the NikeTown in San Francisco. I slept with those shoes and balled with those shoes everyday until I wore them into the ground. Honestly, not much has changed." Zack now works as a graphic designer in New York City and is still addicted to footwear.

The combination of these talents and the relationship between these two entrepreneurs has led to one of the most innovative insole products on the market. Custom designs on top quality insoles for any sneaker lover out there.